Call for Expression of Interest

Become an expert in a Policy Focus Group of FOREST4EU

The uptake of EIP-Agri OGs in forestry and agroforestry differs largely between the EU Member States. To address this issue, the FOREST4EU project sets up three policy focus groups. The policy focus groups in FOREST4EU seek to to improve the framework conditions for innovation in forestry and agroforestry. In recognition of the vast differences between the forested regions across Europe and the available resources in the project, the three groups are:

  1. Policy Focus Group for Central Europe (Germany (South and Central), Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania) – Lead: Kathrin Böhling, Bavarian State Institute of Forestry (LWF);
  2. Policy Focus Group for South-East Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece) – Lead: Ivan Ambroš, Centar Kompetencija d.o.o za istraživanje i razvoj (CEKOM);
  3. Policy Focus Group for South-West Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy) – Lead: Rosa Maria Mosquera Losada, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC).

Tasks of the Policy Focus Groups

The policy focus groups will be engaged in the following tasks:

  • provide feedback on survey findings about facilitators and barriers of innovation in forestry and agroforestry OGs,
  • discuss relevant policy developments at EU level affecting innovation in forestry and agroforestry, and
  • make recommendations for EU policymakers to enhance adoption of OGs in forestry and agroforestry.

The multi-level and cross-regional approach to the organization of the policy focus groups in FOREST4EU facili-tates the much-needed dialogue on how European Green Deal policies and the CAP affect innovation in fores-try and agroforestry. FOREST4EU collaborates with the ERIAFF network ( and other European platforms to organize the policy focus groups and animate the lesson learning for decision-makers at EU level.

Selection criteria

  • Having a thorough background in rural development, forest and/or innovation policy, and/or innova­tion support services.
  • Interest in the improvement of innovati­on support for practitioners in forestry and agroforestry in his/her region/country.
  • Good knowledge of English.

A fair representati­on of the EU Member States and gender balance will be ensured.

Nature of the assignment

Selected experts will be invited to participate in three meetings (online and in-person) (each approx. 3 hrs).

  1. Jan 2024: Kick off, presentation of real case example, needs for innovation in forestry and agroforestry
  2. Spring 2024/early summer 2024: Facilitators and barriers of innovation in OGs; Strengths and weaknesses of OGs in forestry and agroforestry
  3. Autumn 2024: Identification of policy implications for innovations in forestry and agroforestry

The meetings will generate separate outputs which will be shared with group participants. Depending upon progress and request, additional ad hoc online meetings will be organised.

At the end of the assignment, key recommendations of the policy focus groups will be shared and discussed with EU-level policymakers and interest groups in an extra event that is foreseen for winter 2024/5. Policy focus group members will be encouraged to participate actively at this event.

How to apply

The expression of interest must be submitted in English by using the online form until December 17th, 2023 via

Candidates should include the following information:

  1. Name and organization of expert
  2. Fields of expertise
  3. Selection of policy focus group
  4. Explain briefly what you (as candidate) expect from the selected FOREST4EU policy focus group

Candidates will be notified about the acceptance of their expressions of interest by mid-December 2023. After that, admission remains possible but requires a recommendation from one of the group leaders or members. Each policy focus group has 25-30 members.

Terms of agreement

By proposing him-/herself as an expert, the candidate agrees on the following and confirms that:

  • He/she is willing and able to share information, knowledge and experience related to rural development and innovation in forestry and agroforestry;
  • In case of a nomination, the candidate is willing and available to attend the meetings;
  • In case of a nomination, the candidate agrees to publish his/her name along with their professional role (e.g. administrator, adviser, scientist, etc.), organisation, and country of residence on the FOREST4EU website.

For further information contact
Kathrin Böhling via email