Collection,preparation and translation of practical knowledge from forest and agroforestry EIP-AGRI Operational Groups

Securing the allocation and coordination of all resources (human and financial) to reach the project objectives. Implementing the right processes and responsibilities for the good execution of the project.


Capacity building of practicioners

Focussing on the practical knowledge collected in WP1, this activity will produce and deliver capacity building material for the forestry and agroforestry practitioners of the consortium countries. The main aim is the one of engaging a forestry and agroforestry community of practitioners towards Operational Groups, both existing and new ones.


Policy learning from innovation practice in EIP-AGRI OGs

This activity focuses on connecting the practical knowledge from forestry and agroforestry of WP1 with the policy community at the EU and Member State level, in order to ensure that the lessons learned and the obtained results will reach policy makers, in particular in contributing to the implementation of the European Green Deal.


Communication, dissemination and exploitation and collaboration with other initiatives to maximise impact

Dissemination and communication activities will mainly focus on giving a visibility of FOREST4EU objectives and activities to a broad range of stakeholders. This activity will also include exploitation activities, with the participation in national and international events and the promotion of synergies between FOREST4EU and other EU project and networks.


Management of the project

Focussing on the coordination of the project, this activity will guarantee an effective development of the work programme, together with an adequate and efficient cooperation between partners to secure and maximise the project’s impact.